Bold real estate projects

Bralexo is a general entrepreneur, a real estate developer and a project manager. Led by a team of young and visionary professionals, the company oversees projects of every size and scope, characterized by their innovative nature, sophisticated design and outstanding quality.

A plethora of talent under one banner

Bralexo ensures the smooth progress of the projects it handles. As a land buyer, constructor and administrator, Bralexo’s versatility – in addition to its in-depth knowledge of real estate – makes it a reference in property development in Quebec.


As active investors prevalent in the Montreal real estate market, we always have an eye out for new business opportunities and partnerships.

  • Land purchasing

    We are ready to invest in land purchasing and are actively seeking attractive business opportunities in the Montreal area or elsewhere in Quebec.
  • Partnerships

    Thanks to our team’s network of contacts, experience and business flair, we make a partner of choice for the development of your projects.
  • Real estate projects

    Bralexo can put its expertise and experience at your service, and work together with you as a general entrepreneur, developer or other.


Bralexo oversees construction projects of every size and scope. Our rigor, our ability to effectively run a construction site and our requirements to the quality of the final result make us a leading constructor. We accurately target and fully understand the needs of our clients. We always make sure we carry out construction work that meets the highest quality standards.


Entrust the management of your building to a reliable and renowned team who has in-depth knowledge of the real estate industry. We excel in managing buildings of all types, whether co-ownership properties, residential buildings or commercial premises. Our management method is efficient and is based on specific knowledge acquired through years of experience.

Rental Condos

  • Le Nuovo
  • Le Nuovo
  • Le Nuovo
  • Le Nuovo
  • Le Nuovo


Luxury rental project in Montreal

Nestled between Villeray and Little Italy, Le Nuovo apartments are truly one-of-a-kind in Montreal. Available in 4 styles suited to 4 urban lifestyles, Le Nuovo residents will enjoy a perfect blend of luxury, comfort and design. Le Nuovo breaks new ground with its cutting-edge architectural design and great attention to detail throughout.

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7221, Clark Street #100
Montreal, QC H2R-0A9